Morning run in Berlin, two days to go until the marathon #berlinmarathon2018 #instarunners




  • @ashleighwilliams01 5 days ago

    Good luck Pete!!

  • @happypair11 5 days ago

    I didn't realise you were going too - how cool!

  • @glenn_clark__ 5 days ago

    Good luck Pete.

  • @salt_and_pepper_adventures 5 days ago

    Get off the truck

  • @rebecca_jane_bauer 5 days ago

    Fantastic Peter!

  • @dayleshares 5 days ago

    You are amazing Pete!

  • @fennos12 4 days ago

    👌🏽keep an eye out for some deadly runners over there

  • @innovfit 4 days ago

    Awesome event. Hope it stays dry for you and Kipchoge

  • @seanljg 4 days ago

    You running in the marathon as a Wallaby as well?

  • @simply_shot 4 days ago

    nice! 🤩

  • @lincoln1975 3 days ago

    I’d lose the jumper based on form mate.... not yours by the way!