Here we go again! πŸ’› πŸ’™ Hopefully the rest of registration goes smoothly. It’s been an incredible journey that started when I decided to run Boston with my dad last year. A year ago he had just finished cancer treatment and was barely back to a slow walk/run program and I joined the #rundfmc team to run with him and work to defeat the disease that tried to hold him back. And being a stubborn runner, I decided I wanted a qualifying time before showing up in Hopkinton. Somehow I managed to make it happen at the @phxmarathon in February qualifying me to run in 2019. I never intended to run Boston in 2019, but after we had a rough day on 4/16, I quickly new that my dad and I would be back. It was a rough day and hypothermia prevented us from making it to the finish line. Then, that very day we found out that another close family member (that prefers privacy for now) received a cancer diagnosis. My dad is back to marathoning and qualified for Boston again and we are so grateful for the opportunity to run this amazing race for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute together for those still on their cancer journey(and as qualifiers!). I’m really humbled to be a part of this again.