So MY MOM went from running 5ks to 2 knee surgeries to hiking her first 50k this weekend. I'm so proud. She got a great Run Woodstock experience. I'm not totally sure she's hooked on the ultra scene but I think she's a bit more understanding and respect it more because she killed it. I've never seen people go from a 5k to 50k but apparently crazy runs deep in this family. Also got to meet @sivabalu after his 100mile finish. Seriously ya'll listen to @tenjunkmiles they're friends keeping you company while you run.. I'm proud of you @debor1071 and everyone out there! . . . . . #LBandTMS #ultrajogger #turtlegoatjogs #runmichigan #embracethespace #JogAlways #RunAlways #ultrajogger #runannarbor #runypsi #runnersofinstagram #RunLikeAGirl #RLAG #rfevents #runwoodstock #50k #UltraAF #yetitrailrunners #yeti100 #tenjunkmiles

Running Fit - Run Woodstock!



  • @logicandlies 8:45 PM Sep 9, 2018

    Now we know where you get your badassery from! 👊🏼

  • @quin_mar 8:55 PM Sep 9, 2018

    I LOVE This so Much!! Congratulations to your mom.

  • @debor3567 9:18 PM Sep 9, 2018

    Awww thanks kiddo @megaplooza and all the respect and love to all you ultras ❤️

  • @vini_vidi_cucurri 9:38 PM Sep 9, 2018

    @debor3567 with all due respect, you can no longer refer to other ultra runners as "you ultras", you must now use the word "we" or "us".For better or worse you are now part of the collective, the hive, the community. You are an ultra marathoner. Respect.

  • @rundanceprosper 10:12 PM Sep 9, 2018

    She is adorable and amazing.

  • @megaplooza 11:45 PM Sep 9, 2018

    @rundanceprosper congratulations to you as well. You CRUSHED 100miles

  • @dnowaczewski44 1:37 AM Sep 10, 2018

    Good work Mom!!

  • @rundanceprosper 2:21 AM Sep 10, 2018

    @megaplooza thank you! My feet were crushed by so I had been sleeping on couch with the kitty for hours today lol

  • @jmoff67 10:42 AM Sep 11, 2018

    Way to go MOM!! 🙌

  • @ultra_runner_girl1974 2:46 PM Sep 11, 2018

    Omg!! I think I saw mom! I was with @hollylindroth3 @sivabalu @carleencoulter and pacing @lisa.helm.9 !! Go #tenjunkmiles!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️. Amazing job!! #rockstar!!