• @rogerlopezcomedy 7:26 PM Aug 29, 2018

    99% I bust a U. Once I had just put the joint out and got checked. Dude asked if I had been smoking (fuck yeah but I wasn't gana say shit) he said alright license and registration. Flashes his lights in my eyes and asks me to open and close them a few times. After that he's like alright you're free to go. This happened like 4 years ago in LA so I don't think they care all that much here like they do up north in Bakersfield.

  • @bfirstco_023 7:29 PM Aug 29, 2018

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  • @soleprofit559 7:30 PM Aug 29, 2018

    I always bust that right when I see the cones . Also been pulled over for avoiding checkpoints and also went through a checkpoint red eye high as shit . Told em I haven’t smoking or been drinking and they let me go still lmao

  • @bullyextracts710 7:41 PM Aug 29, 2018

    @bfirstco_023 your apparel is trash get off my page

  • @highaf710 7:58 PM Aug 29, 2018

    @bullyextracts710 I report those spam assholes @bfirstco_023 y’all are trash

  • @ejay_tlt 8:07 PM Aug 29, 2018

    @bullyextracts710 I’m fucking dead 💀

  • @spencerschamun 7:47 PM Aug 30, 2018

    @bullyextracts710 lol “stare our profile”

  • @spencerschamun 7:47 PM Aug 30, 2018

    Deny deny deny

  • @gredlers 8:54 PM Aug 30, 2018

    Y'all should supply some product to Mars Collective.. haven't had bully in a while

  • @aaronius007 10:45 AM Aug 31, 2018

    Wish it were that simple...where i live,a lot of time they have cops tucked away before the checkpoint and pull over people who make a u-turn to avoid the checkpoint. Sneaky fuks

  • @bullyextracts710 1:43 PM Aug 31, 2018

    @aaronius007 what’s illegal with not wanting to sit in a long ass line? also field sobriety test are an option, it’s not mandatory that you do one.

  • @aaronius007 5:35 PM Aug 31, 2018

    @bullyextracts710 nobody said it was illegal, I'm just saying that they have a tendency to pull people over or follow them after they make u-turns at some of the checkpoints. Especially when they have them set up looking for someone.

  • @bullyextracts710 6:28 PM Aug 31, 2018

    @aaronius007 all you have to do is decline any questions and that’s about it. Might get taken to the station, might not.

  • @aaronius007 1:47 AM Sep 1, 2018

    @bullyextracts710 yeah,i have been through it. These podunk cops are pricks itching for action tho lol..so,i usually play nice and just slide through. I just try to blend in and seem like a normal everday fukwad lol. Don't want or need them running my license 😂 i feel ya tho, and it is always good to know your rights and to use them as necessary!

  • @bossladyvaper 8:52 AM Sep 2, 2018