⚛Happy Sunday STEM Fam! On today’s episode, we will go behind the scenes and discuss the “science” behind some of the latest “chemical stories.” We give the good! The bad and the “WTH” were they thinking is this week's episode of “The More than Just Science Show” Podcast with Professor T.K. the Chemist. Click the link in my bio to hear the full show! Topics discussed: ☣Is acetone toxic to the body? After a grandmother was dosed with it inside of a nail salon, will there be some serious health consequences as a result? 🔆What happen to a kid who was making slime?  Is making this fun chemistry experiment dangerous for children? 🚬Is Vaping better than smoking a regular cigarette? 💊What is K-2? 🛢🍠🍟Who’s making Activated Charcoal foods?  Is that dangerous to eat everyday? Have you signed up for the online MYGEMS STEM Academy?  If not, head on over to www.tkthechemist.comfor more information. Let me know your thoughts on this show after you’ve listened to it. The references for these articles are:  https:// www.cnn.com/2018/04/03/health/fake-weed-hospitalizations-illinois-bn/index.html To learn more about MYGEMS, click the link in my bio!