• @jabkl0 11:44 AM Aug 28, 2018

    Can’t you die from no will to live? Not suicide or anything, just die of misery?

  • @spookktacular 6:18 PM Aug 28, 2018

    Who the fuck thought depression doesn’t kill?

  • @spookktacular 6:19 PM Aug 28, 2018

    @kevin_sleeps you’re a kid, you don’t know anything, there’s a lot more to depression than you think and the amount of people who have depression has increased a lot. Don’t comment on things you don’t know

  • @corinclemo 8:39 PM Aug 29, 2018

    @samir_19_6 yep just suck it up

  • @samir_19_6 8:40 PM Aug 29, 2018

    @corinclemo lol I can tell you know nothing

  • @caitlinmanzo 12:13 AM Aug 30, 2018

    @austinbourque18 lol bye

  • @caitlinmanzo 12:13 AM Aug 30, 2018

    @jake.206 that ain’t cute

  • @caitlinmanzo 12:14 AM Aug 30, 2018

    @jake.206 imagine trying to be cool when really you’re a basic white boy😤🤠 tragic

  • @jakegoulett 12:14 AM Aug 30, 2018

    @caitlinmanzo you ain’t cute

  • @caitlinmanzo 12:14 AM Aug 30, 2018

    @drummer_bray are u dumb?

  • @caitlinmanzo 12:15 AM Aug 30, 2018

    @king_ace_aiden depression leads u to suicide

  • @caitlinmanzo 12:15 AM Aug 30, 2018

    @young_sauce_boi the mental disability is what makes u sad

  • @caitlinmanzo 12:16 AM Aug 30, 2018

    @jake.206 awe thanks 😘

  • @jakegoulett 12:19 AM Aug 30, 2018

    @caitlinmanzo you’re also white, I fail to see your point

  • @caitlinmanzo 12:28 AM Aug 30, 2018

    @jake.206 i’m talking about how u play basket ball, never smile in photos, look dead inside, and try to act cool 🙃 doesn’t work out when being a dick

  • @jakegoulett 12:33 AM Aug 30, 2018

    @caitlinmanzo I enjoy being dead inside jokes on you, I’ve never smiled much in photos for my entire life. Again I also fail to see your point that me playing basketball makes me basic. People genuinely enjoy being around me due to the fact that they like my personality. You as I can tell enjoy jumping to conclusions and judge a book by its cover lol

  • @caitlinmanzo 12:45 AM Aug 30, 2018

    @jake.206 LMAOO YOU TOOK THAT SO PERSONAL CHILL BOY U AINT UGLY GEEZ. i didn’t need an essay. thanks tho 🖤

  • @jakegoulett 12:46 AM Aug 30, 2018

    @caitlinmanzo I was joking lmaoo😭 idrc you seem like a nice person I’m just fucking around💀 have a good day tho

  • @caitlinmanzo 12:49 AM Aug 30, 2018

    @jake.206 u too dude good luck in basketball

  • @corinclemo 9:59 AM Aug 30, 2018

    @samir_19_6 neither do people with depression if their depressed

  • @itss.dii 12:06 PM Aug 31, 2018

    so many people treat depression like a trend now-a-days

  • @leydolls 3:27 AM Sep 1, 2018

    @jake.206 I know it's not good. But I actually like this "you know what?! I want to get in an argument today! " mentally.

  • @jakegoulett 3:29 AM Sep 1, 2018

    @leydolls this what I been doing for the last two days, ofc ik the things I been saying we’re pretty dark and bad and I’m not like that as a person I just been enjoying getting into arguments, that’s how bored I am😭😭

  • @leydolls 3:30 AM Sep 1, 2018

    @jake.206 maybe you're depressed?!

  • @jakegoulett 3:31 AM Sep 1, 2018

    @leydolls shit then I can hold this ⎳

  • @leydolls 3:31 AM Sep 1, 2018

    @jake.206 dude I have depression myself. I saw what your doing. Don't worry.

  • @jakegoulett 3:32 AM Sep 1, 2018

    @leydolls I appreciate your support, thank you v much

  • @leydolls 3:34 AM Sep 1, 2018

    @jake.206 hold it with pride my fellow depressed brother. Maybe one day we upgrade to the D

  • @the_marines1775 7:32 AM Sep 2, 2018


  • @ethanbrozz 7:14 PM Sep 2, 2018

    @olivia.chilcott triggered

  • @ethanbrozz 7:14 PM Sep 2, 2018

    Depression ain’t kill shit. Suicide is all you 🤷🏻‍♂️.

  • @babesgonecrazy 7:34 PM Sep 2, 2018

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  • @zoethrasyvoulou 10:09 PM Sep 5, 2018

    @drummer_bray you can’t just be happy if you can’t snap out of it though

  • @drummer_bray 2:59 AM Sep 6, 2018

    @suicidaniel just snap and raise your cheek muscles up to smile

  • @_______deadass_______ 11:11 AM Sep 7, 2018

    @drummer_bray just don’t get cancer😂

  • @abigayyle_nicole 3:09 AM Sep 10, 2018

    @big_bandz_beder it’s a chemical imbalance in the brain, you can’t just “do something happy” to fix that

  • @abigayyle_nicole 3:09 AM Sep 10, 2018

    @kevin_sleeps it’s a chemical imbalance in the brain that can happened to anyone, even people with the best lives

  • @abigayyle_nicole 3:12 AM Sep 10, 2018

    Depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain. You can’t just “do something happy” or “get over it.” It’s a real illness that can’t be treated without the use of something like medication. Even then, that sometimes won’t work. Yes, you can go to therapy or something along those lines to help temporarily lessen your depression, but it won’t go away.

  • @ray.msp 1:34 PM Sep 10, 2018

    Everyone in the comments are telling me to be happy and not get depressed. Wow, life hack!

  • @atlasdey 10:15 AM Sep 11, 2018

    Isn't there a line between Depression and being Depressed or is that all the same?