The front is now almost complete. We've come to terms with the fact we will always tinkle and do modifications, just ticking the boxes to get her on the road.



  • @selcouth_journey 12:39 PM Aug 10, 2018

    #aussiebusconversion #buslife #busconversion #livingontheroad #travelaustralia

  • @bethys_cafe 2:54 PM Aug 10, 2018

    Jodie!!! Cain? Kane? !!!! It looks amazing!!! Haven't seen you forever need to catch up and check this bus out! So inspiring. Job well done is an understatement!😘

  • @thatoffgridveganmum 10:35 PM Aug 10, 2018

    Ha! Yes! It's a bit the same with some of our house plans.

  • @kneeboardsurferpom 11:00 PM Aug 10, 2018

    Epic it looks soooooo good

  • @selcouth_journey 11:17 PM Aug 10, 2018

    @bethys_cafe ah thanks, loooong journey a little longer to go....

  • @sixteen.legs.four.wheels 5:51 AM Aug 11, 2018

    Looks amazing!! How exciting to be close to departure!

  • @selcouth_journey 11:41 PM Aug 11, 2018

    @sixteen.legs.four.wheels lol we wish, close to completion yes but broke as!.... can't complain, could be trapped in a house with a mortgage... ick....

  • @natureshealthhunter 9:29 AM Aug 12, 2018

    Do Amazing

  • @sixteen.legs.four.wheels 8:23 PM Aug 12, 2018

    @selcouth_journey well it’s looking amazing! And yes ick mortgage! Never again!! Haha