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12:20 PM Aug 8, 2018
We love cryptocurrency here at EZ Trading! We believe that their appeal to more and more retail and institutional investors is not the result of hype but is due to a deep transformation of our society which will alter dramatically our habits the same way the introduction of computers and the Internet did. 2017 was a massive year for the crypto market in terms of its growth and its exposure to a wider audience. More and more people got interested in Bitcoin (BTC) as a long term investment and a store of value while traders enjoyed a massive bull market with a high volatility on many altcoins leading to big profits. Since January, the market conditions have changed and the big drop from 20,000$ to 6,000$ for Bitcoin has scared a lot of retail investors. The FUD (Fear of Incertainty and Doubt) that was spreaded by the Media lead many to sell their crypto assets, sometimes for a loss, fearing the drop won’t stop and prices will go even lower. Since we see cryptocurrency as a long term investment, we believe that the market still has a huge potential. The technology behind it will undoubtedly transform our world and the use cases for cryptos should appear progressively which could lead to higher prices. Institutional investors are also on the sidelines (Bitcoin ETF) and big money is waiting to get in which could definitely spike the price up significantly. Therefore, we would like to give you some tips on how to invest 1,000$ right now in cryptospace: link in bio! _____________________________________________________ #eztrading #easytrading #trading #trade #tradesafe #onlinetrading #onlinetrader #trader #traders #financial #finances #markets #financialmarkets #stocks #forex #commodities #crypto #cryptos #cryptocurrency #cryptocurrencies #tutorial #tradingtutorial #tradinghelp #tradingsignal #broker #brokers #tradingbrokers #bestbrokers #tradinginfo #tradinghelp #instatrading



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