Jenna Burns ( @jssburns )

1:32 AM Jul 19, 2018
Sappy Post alert! . The last 6 weeks, I have served alongside an amazing team of women as we worked through @alliworthington ‘s book #FierceFaith. The ladies have shared their hearts, ventured outside their comfort zones, and boldly proclaimed God’s love. I couldn’t be more proud of my leaders and of the almost 200 ladies who attended. I might be exhausted but my heart is so so full!! #neccwomen #nottodaysatan #wearewarriors #thisisme



  • @cardinalmomma 1:37 AM Jul 19, 2018

    This is one of my favorite studies to date and what a blessing it has been to serve alongside all of you!! ♥️

  • @alliworthington 1:40 AM Jul 19, 2018

    LOVE IT SO MUCH! 😍😭🙌🏼😍

  • @krisbaker5409 1:59 AM Jul 19, 2018

    I need that t-shirt #nowaysatan

  • @jssburns 2:01 AM Jul 19, 2018

    @krisbaker5409 we had those custom made for our group! Aren’t they awesome!!

  • @krisbaker5409 2:02 AM Jul 19, 2018

    @jssburns I love it