Good morning to ya all👋🏼 So.. I decided that I wanted to start talking a little bit more about life behind the cakes.. photography, feelings, business and motivation. You may or may not know, but this is what I do full time and it’s become my job. I now work as a full time food blogger and food photographer and ever since I first got into the industry, it was honestly my dream job. I dreamed of being able to work for myself doing what I loved in the health & food industry and be able to share my recipes with you. That being said, even with your dream job, there will be parts you don’t like.. maybe doing your accounts or paperwork? BUT it’s important to not let these spiral out of control. For example: If you start taking on lots of clients and creating content for them that you’re not really into, with overly specific briefs that don’t fit your style, then this can quite quickly remove the fun from it. Yes, earning money is important, but don’t let it dictate your happiness at work.💁🏻‍♀️ This can apply to lots of careers I’m sure. You’re bound to not enjoy ALL aspects of your job, but if you dread going to work on a Monday or find that you’re just feeling fed up more often than not, then maybe the job isn’t the one for you. Be honest with yourself. Do you like the job because its a ‘good job’, because it pays well and because you worked so hard to get it? Would you rather go to work or have the weekend? The weekend is a small section of your week- so don’t live for those two days🤚🏼Don’t worry, I’m not going to over saturate my page with these career rants BUT I’ve worked in jobs that I didn’t love (all be it only for a few months 😂) and it does make you miserable and robs you of your time freedom. I strongly believe that we were not put on this earth to just work set hours, come home, be tired and fed up, then repeat this all over again. You should have the freedom to do whatever you want. Travel, explore, relax, see friends, sleep, work, invent. You only get the time once guys.. don’t spend it building someone else’s dream if it makes you unhappy. 🌍🌟

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    Beautiful photo and great to read more about wha goes on behind the cake! X

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    Beautiful dessert

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    Amen, girl!

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    That’s so true! I find myself questioning myself a lot, not being 100% happy with what I’m doing right now... it takes time to figure it out 🙁 But thank you for sharing your words and viewpoint on doing what makes you happy! ❤️

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    I NEED to make these omg🤤💓

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    Look amazing!

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    Loved reading this! Such a thought-provoking caption sweetheart - it is very important to be passionate about what you do and why you are doing it. This is the aim for me in life and I hope to achieve it ☺️🌸

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    Looks great!

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    oh my goodness these brownies are heavenly 😻

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    This is SUCH A GREAT message. Social media tends to such the authenticity out of you at times. Thanks for this reminder

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    @thegrowingbutterfly yay- so pleased :) good luck! I’m sure you will! 💗

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    @plantifullynourished it does take time and trial and error! Never give up! X

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    Amen 🙌🏻

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    Baked goods queen. Looks so good.

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    Yess, i once had a boss who believed everyone in the company should hustle just as hard as him because he gave so much of his life up trying to build this company. But i continuously reminded myself and him that this was his dream, not mine. I wanted to support it but i also had my own dreams to tend to.

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    @charleyshealth I bet I have seen some chickpeas brownies recently here ?Or didn’t I ? Was looking for some recipes for these. And I just trust you 😁after making few things

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