Get ready for today's @TOPFunkoPhotos Photo Session starting at 12pm EST! ———————————————————————— ⏰⏰⏰SESSION TIME⏰⏰⏰ ———————————————————————— To assist you, here's some start times from around the world If you don't see your country or time zone listed, just do a quick Google search and it'll tell you. ———————————————————————— ▪️12 PM (Eastern Time) ▫️11 AM (Central Time) ▪️10 AM (Mountain Time) ▫️9 AM (Pacific Time) ▪️5 PM (London) ▫️6 PM (Germany) ▪️12 AM (Hong Kong) ▫️2 AM (Sydney) ▪️1 PM (Brasilia, Brazil) ———————————————————————— #⃣Session Tag: #TFP_NoGood 📸Featured Photo by @mattster808 ———————————————————————— RULES & INFORMATION 1⃣ Post ONE NEW image/video of your own during the time listed above. Please use the link in our profile to find the exact time for your time zone. 2⃣ Session will last for ONE HOUR. PLEASE DO NOT POST EARLY (Strike system in place) 3⃣ Photo must contain at least ONE FUNKO product 4⃣ Like all of the posts during the session 5⃣ Photo does not have to follow the hashtag theme 6️⃣ Photo content must be reasonably appropriate for 13+ (Any questions about this please DM us) 7️⃣ Please do not post hauls or sale posts. This is a photography session. ———————————————————————— #TOPFunkoPhotos #FunkoPhotos #OriginalFunko #Funko #FunkoFunatic #FunkoFamily #FunkoAddict #FunkoPhotography #FunkoPOPVinyl #POPVinyl #ToyPhotography



  • @funkofairytale 1:59 PM Jul 15, 2018

    Yay! We have been waiting a week for this 😍✌🏼

  • @mattster808 5:11 PM Jul 15, 2018

    Thank you so much for featuring my photo.