YouDANCE ( @youdance_online )

8:40 PM Jul 11, 2018
Say yes to your dreams! Say yes to students worldwide! Say yes to the opportunity to teach whenever you are inspired! Say yes to the online future! Go to any inspiring location: your dance studio with a mirror, inspiring nature with trees as background or even your own living room to show your students where you practice in private. Record your class with your phone or camera. Teach your special movements and philosophy. Make it nice. You don’t need a description, edit or text overlay. But it’s nice to add them. Upload the video and share so people know where they can find your work! Relax because from now on you can make money with this video. Even when you are on holiday, when you are sleeping or even later when you retire. Live the Dream. Make money online. Upload now! #livethedream #makemoney #youdanceonline #danceintothefuture #onlineclasses #danceboss #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #startnow!

Venice Beach, Florida



  • @motivatemillionaires 5:15 PM Aug 20, 2018

    Nice one!

  • @youdance_online 7:06 PM Aug 23, 2018