Jennifer Brown ( @jennobmakes )

5:17 PM Jul 11, 2018
Guys, this is fun! If you are interested in learning how to draw people, @blueshineart and @creativebug are making it possible for me, you may enjoy it too. Though I warn you your inner critic may show up when you see your piece as you upload it to the world, but hey you just carved out time to draw and spent time learning and doing something new! Here's to #practice ! #cbdrawadaychallenge #creativebugportraits #onlineclasses #doitfortheprocess #cbdrawaday #portrait #draweveryway #homeschoolmama #carveouttimeforart #creativelifehappylife #coloredpencil



  • @blueshineart 5:20 PM Jul 11, 2018

    His is great!!! Thank you for the shoutout @jennobmakes

  • @janettehurley 5:55 PM Jul 11, 2018

    I love that you share your artwork. Even more, I love your vulnerability and courage to do so! Keep on posting, Jennifer 🤗

  • @jennobmakes 5:57 PM Jul 11, 2018

    @janettehurley thank you so much!