If you're suffering from a few OR even ALL of these symptoms, you may have #hypothryoidism, which is an under active thyroid. When your thyroid is under active it isn't producing the hormones you need. There are underlying causes of hypothyroidism as well, which may be due to your body's decreased ability to use your hormones. For instance, your thyroid sucks up Iodine, which is then used to make thyroid hormones. Other Halogens such as Chlorine, Fluoride, and Bromide, all have similar properties and are unfortunately, all taken up by your thyroid. Chlorine and Fluoride are found in tap water and can lead to #thyroid disease when absorbed by your thyroid. It's important to address these issues 🌱 If you think you may be suffering from hypothyroidism please reach out to schedule an appointment with me so we can begin addressing the underlying causes and #symptoms.

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