Audubon Aquarium of the Americas



  • @t.t.g.lures 10:02 PM Jul 11, 2018

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  • @thegrandlures 10:46 PM Jul 11, 2018

    that is 100% the #1 rule of taking fish pics!! those are some chunks ... nice catches

  • @tre_schex 11:18 PM Jul 11, 2018

    @t.t.g.lures sponsorship

  • @t.t.g.lures 11:22 PM Jul 11, 2018

    @pa.zen.o we do not sponsor but we have a prostaff that receive discounted prices

  • @coltsjesse 2:10 AM Jul 12, 2018

    Nice fish man

  • @william_r_powell 3:51 PM Jul 12, 2018

    I was about to say "I know damn well this dude didnt catch those at the wall" πŸ˜‚

  • @brandonconfer50 9:34 AM Jul 15, 2018