Rhiana Hofmeister ( @rhiana_hof )

11:24 PM Jun 20, 2018
Working on a debate for Ethics class about “designer babies”. He asked “who in here is against designer babies” and a bunch of us raised our hands (me included) and he said “GREAT! Your arguing on the PRO side, those of you who said you are for designer babies, your on the anti side.” Hahaha as much as I’m not wanting to argue the PRO side this is a smart tactic that a lot more people need to learn to be able to do, look at opposing sides and dive into why they feel what they feel and do it full heartedly and deliberately. Now on to prove how awesome a “Brave New World” will be!!! ....... No seriously the scholarly article I’m currently reading is called “A Brave New World of Designer Babies” ... might need more coffee .