Niki ( @sugarysixpack )

3:54 PM Jun 19, 2018
This is the walking that brings on labor, right?๐Ÿ˜† It's 41 weeks this weekend & that's when they start talking about what to do if he doesn't show on his own by 42! I'd definitely rather not get into that soo this week is including lots of walks, date recipes, raspberry leaf tea & I'm sure some other fun ideas I haven't come across yet๐Ÿ˜… Happy Tuesday friiiends!! #LetsAllHopeHeDoestGetMyDanceMoves



  • @raegan_armstrong 3:05 PM Jun 20, 2018

    Hi Niki @sugarysixpack! I've hesitated posting this because I don't want to worry anybody, but I just feel like it's something I need to do. Please make sure you feel 10 kicks/jabs/shifts in an hour. Slow down, lay down, twice a day and just get those 10 movements. Not hiccups, movements! Babies do not slow down at the end like some say, their movements may be less pronounced but still just as active. If you don't get 10, go to the hospital ASAP. I was not informed of this, and I wish somebody had told me. God bless and prayers for that baby to get here safe and sound soon ๐Ÿ’™

  • @me_taxie 3:21 PM Jun 20, 2018

    She is almost at 41 weeks @msshavondra , I cant!

  • @boomboard_fitness 3:25 PM Jun 20, 2018

    Get down !

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  • @slava_trach 4:11 PM Jun 20, 2018

    Show us your hospital bag please, what have you packed for you and baby?

  • @blairspringer27 4:17 PM Jun 20, 2018

    Sex works bc orgasms produce Oxytocin! It causes the uterus to clamp down and contract. When the induce you, they use pitocin which is the synthetic form of it. Oxytocin is also produced during breastfeeding, which helps Mom bond with baby as well as helps heal your body postpartum.

  • @corinne_lynette 4:29 PM Jun 20, 2018

    Sex definitely helps but if you have to get induced, stay calm. It will be okay. You know your body. The number one priority is getting baby here safely. Keep up the walking, bouncing, squats and dancing!

  • @pandalena 6:51 PM Jun 20, 2018

    @sugarysixpackmoms a lot of my friends swear by walking up stairs when they were overdue!!

  • @the.barefootmama 7:08 PM Jun 20, 2018

    Iโ€™ve tried everything under the sun and sadly nothing has ever worked for me! Haha! Iโ€™ve been induced with all 3 of my kids and theyโ€™ve all been healthy and no issues โค๏ธ youโ€™re a champ! I had a โ€œballoonโ€ put into my cervix to help me dilate with this last baby which is a good med free alternative way to help induce labor if you get to that 42 week mark.

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  • @mztee2thavee_ 7:27 PM Jun 20, 2018

    I donโ€™t think heโ€™s ready to leave yet, he just wants to enjoy his comfortable space.

  • @bins_insta_moments 8:55 PM Jun 20, 2018

    Love you... You are so much Inspiration

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  • @kangaroo_and_me 11:14 PM Jun 20, 2018

    Fingers crossed he comes out by himself ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿป I went to 42 weeks with my son ๐Ÿ˜ฌ so hard playing the waiting game

  • @tocurry_flavor 1:16 AM Jun 21, 2018

    @diimondsanddogs best ride on a slide ever, because I was the result lol ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ’

  • @mrsnewyorkcitygirl 1:23 AM Jun 21, 2018

    Sometimes when your Obgyn does an internal exam it will start labor. That happened for one of my deliveries. My first child I was doing some light painting and moved furniture around. Iโ€™m not sure this is safe tho. But labor started a few hours after moving my sofa. And for the third I was induced. It wasnโ€™t great but he was born vaginally and heโ€™s very healthy. I think this whole process of waiting for baby to arrive is teaching us how little we can control and it predict. You will do so well!!! We all canโ€™t wait to see your baby

  • @lindsey_anita_ 3:20 AM Jun 21, 2018

    Get acupuncture! It can induce labor naturally. There are great practitioners in your area who will happily help :)

  • @bouncemobilefitnessclub 3:24 AM Jun 21, 2018

    ๐Ÿ˜‚ cute. You look amazing. Good luck trying to naturally induce labor. We are rooting for you!

  • @fischoma 9:00 AM Jun 21, 2018

    I used 2 Tampons dipped into clove oil -> in that Night it Started and Leo was Born! Do you use That โ€žTrickโ€œ as well?

  • @suzintheriptide 10:32 AM Jun 21, 2018

    Creepy fact why: male semen has hormones that cause the cervix to dilate. Good luck. Happy to see you moving and looking healthy!

  • @sydneypeister 11:51 AM Jun 21, 2018

    @mamatobe2018 look at all these!!! Ahahha

  • @keti__0 11:56 AM Jun 21, 2018

    @sugarysixpack good luck keep us posted.

  • @anne__g 12:35 PM Jun 21, 2018

    It worked for Ross and Rachel on friends ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • @fitlifewithfran 1:30 PM Jun 21, 2018

    Haha love it!! My mom tells me she had a similar situation with me! I was too comfy so she walked it out! Good luck beautiful mama!!

  • @shazzie83 2:38 PM Jun 21, 2018

    I've heard stairs may help, because of the way the hips move.

  • @mgnsrhpltt 3:04 PM Jun 21, 2018

    I say avoid the Castor oil if you can! There is a labor inducing smoothie recipe on Pinterest, it tastes almost like carrot cake! @sugarysixpack

  • @anjie.genthner 3:32 PM Jun 21, 2018

    A shot of Castor oil and eat eggplant!! So many friend have tried it and it worked!!

  • @msshavondra 4:02 PM Jun 21, 2018

    @me_taxie well can she send me some of that energy

  • @antop 5:42 PM Jun 21, 2018

    @nataliatx hahaha not but soon ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿป

  • @ricasneely 9:17 AM Jun 22, 2018

    I went baby shopping for 8 hours with my mom when I was 36weeks. Few hours later, my water broke. :) good luck on giving birth tho! Itโ€™s gonna be painful. But itโ€™s well worth every pain. ๐Ÿ˜˜

  • @dekassigirl 12:06 AM Jun 23, 2018

    Have sex and if that doesnโ€™t work, dancing helps too! Shake that baby loose

  • @linda_castillo_ruiz 1:54 AM Jun 23, 2018

    Have you tried to crawl??

  • @jhadin 3:45 AM Jun 23, 2018

    I was scheduled for an induction but she finally arrived 5am that day which was Father's day 6-16-13. Due date was June 1. But I was sure she'd be here by the 8th so once that date passed I was worried. But girlfriend decided to come flying out almost on the highway a 15 min delivery. This is my second mind you. My 1st I wanted an epidural I laid there for hours 8am till 8pm maybe an hour of pushing him out. Hang in there!! Can't wait to hear your story of how baby was born!! Hoping for a healthy baby & Mommy!! โ˜ฎ

  • @rojinghazanfari 4:23 PM Jun 23, 2018

    I love you๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

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