So Convention has come and gone! This photo is the night we got to celebrate reaching Diamond on the grand stage. You see... when we started sharing about oils, all we knew was that we loved having tools to make good choices for our families. With all of the misinformation to navigate through, we didn’t know how to actually do that. Young Living gave us those tools and a whole bunch we didn’t know we needed. And then we realized there was also a business. A business that seemed so ‘out there’ at first that I aggressively rejected it. But when I saw that this was more than making money... The dollars were there and that was exciting... but this was about empowering families and women and people that I love with wellness... I was sold and I got to work. I started with fears. Fears that stopped me from speaking truth because I was scared of people’s thoughts. What I have learned is that people want to know what the heck we’re doing, they are just scared of the same things I was. No one wants to be weird, no one wants to be pushy or to be judged. Everyone wants to be healthy and free and happy and successful. In our short 2 years of taking that first jump off a cliff, it has proven to be all of that and so much more. Our sisters, friends, moms, cousins, husbands, kids, our lives are better because of the first decision to punch fear in the face and FORGET about the repercussions of stepping outside of the normal track. No one ever discovered something new by staying the same. I am grateful. For my husband who believes in me, friends who threw caution to the wind to try and find a better way side by side. Together we have propelled a movement that is a whirlwind of health and joy and fun and success. This picture represents so much. This photo represents 7750 people who are making the same decisions and finding the same path in their own ways. Congratulations to everyone. We know this comes from our team who breaks molds, who makes impossible things happen and doesn’t give in to their fears. We grow, we learn and we keep pushing. And we’ll be cheering the loudest for you when you walk that stage. We aren’t special. There is no trick. We just decided to go for it.

Vancouver Island