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7:13 PM Jun 19, 2018
Honours and respect to @timmy_whitehead and the Captain of the Springboks team, husband of @rachel_kolisi , Siya Kolisi and the phenomenal underwear brand @frankeesza for allowing us to put together this great concept. Bullying is a sickness in society that we, as humanity, can cure. This video aims at inspiring the victims to challenge the goliaths who torment them repeatedly and to tell such bullies that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Let us educate our children to be stand up, moral citizens in this great country of ours and lets put an end to this bullying epidemic. Huge shoutout to the team involved: Behind the scenes: Director/ Lead cameraman/ editor @_abdulsayed_ Executive producer @sayedsoul Make up artist/ wardrobe @taybahsayed Catering @ashleyfisher and her sister. Actors: Superhero @daiyaan_fitnesscpt @daiyaan_ford Bully 1 @lukelorlucas Bully 2 @rustanjacquespienaar Please be so kind and head on over to @evoexpression @daiyaan_fitnesscpt @frankeesza on Insta and Facebook and give us a like and follow. Amazing great content is available and we are open for bookings. Thank you for taking your valuable time (and data) to watch this video. Much Love and Respect Team @evoexpression @daiyaan_fitnesscpt @frankeesza



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