Jason Gonzalez ( @repthereds )

2:46 AM Jun 19, 2018
GLUTE AWARENESS EXERCISE: The glutes 🍑 are a primary muscle in hip extension. This drill can test if your glutes are working efficiently and equally in hip extension 🏃🏻 Don’t be scared of your glutes never firing though. Chances are they do engage, but it may be hard to actually feel them working at the right time. . The Drill: 👨🏻‍🔧 2-3 sets, 10-15 repetitions per side 1️⃣Lay on your stomach 2️⃣Lift one knee off the ground (this is hip extension) 3️⃣Tighten your glute 💥 . Practice this drill and be more aware of your glutes. They are important. 🔑 . Comment, tag, share, or ask me questions ❤️ . Interested in coaching? 💯 DM me or email me 📩