Bryn Wied ( @brynwied )

11:08 PM May 27, 2018
I’m so excited for our newest adventure together. I can’t wait to live more intentionally and focus on experiences over things, on time with each other and outdoors. Resources spent not on consumerism or materialism but instead on the things we really care about; God, others, and each other. So as of next week our house is rented out and we’re hitting the road! We’ll still be based in Tahoe and living on our wonderful patch of land, but this travel trailer is home. Matt is in the middle of transitioning to a bit of a promotion, which means he’ll be on the road even more, and we’ll get to come along with! Fewer lonely nights, more time together. More nights under the stars and less staring at the TV. More financial freedom to bless others and less money spent on acquiring things we don’t need. So ready for this 🙌🏻 • • • • #rvlife #rvhome #familytime #parenthood #adventureawaits #liveintentionally #minimalism #downsizing #homesweetrig #homeonwheels #homeiswhereverimwithyou #tinyhome #tinyhomeonwheels #tinyhomeliving



  • @whoa.neli 11:15 PM May 27, 2018


  • @discokiki 11:22 PM May 27, 2018

    How exciting! Love!

  • @kristinebfarewell 11:42 PM May 27, 2018

    So pumped for you guys!

  • @quinnsmama91 7:59 PM May 28, 2018

    Please come see us!

  • @brynwied 9:01 PM May 28, 2018

    @kristinebfarewell thanks so much!! 🤗

  • @brynwied 9:02 PM May 28, 2018

    @discokiki maybe we should do a joint camping trip one of these days? 😁

  • @brynwied 9:02 PM May 28, 2018

    @whoa.neli next time you visit we’ll go camping! 🙌🏻

  • @brynwied 9:02 PM May 28, 2018

    @j.rex91 love to!!

  • @discokiki 9:26 PM May 28, 2018

    @brynwied yes! Love love love that idea! We would have so much fun with you guys...and Greta needs more girls in her life💕

  • @brynwied 10:20 PM May 28, 2018

    @discokiki yes can’t wait!! It’s gonna be so much fun!!