pips_R_us ( @pips_r_us )

4:16 PM May 26, 2018
CADCHF revisit the Daily chart support trendline if far from being reached. However the 4 hour and 1 hour chart all checkout for a profitable long position. . Could take a while for the trend to touch the daily support! Go long?? . . #trend #trendline #supportandresistance #sr #trade #trading #forex #fx #fxmarket #fxmarkets #fxtrading #fxtrading #currency #currencytrader



  • @r6nny 6:04 PM May 26, 2018

    Looking like it’s forming a nice inverted hs

  • @pips_r_us 6:32 PM May 26, 2018

    @r6nny could be! What would your next move be

  • @r6nny 7:34 PM May 26, 2018

    Wait for price to test the structure area you have marked up and look at smaller time frame for break of structure and retest

  • @pips_r_us 7:40 AM May 27, 2018

    @r6nny superb! I will let you know the results!