Nicole Alridge ( @nicolealridge )

7:30 AM May 17, 2018
Taking a good look in the mirror to review our strengths and weaknesses is a great opportunity to become better. We can wear makeup throw on a nice suit, although they look nice (and I'm the biggest advocate for putting your best foot forward) these things are only temporary. When you get home you still have to look yourself in the mirror and deal with you. From personal experience dealing with my weaknesses can be a hard pill to swallow, once I got passed the emotion and my ego, I was really able to start improving in key areas. I'm telling you this because I believe it's key to what is going to propel you forward. So have a little think about it, changing what is going on inside is really going to lift your confidence. I know you can do it. #NicoleAlridgeTalksNLP #NicoleAlridge

London, United Kingdom