Mazalan Kamis ( @mazalan )

2:25 PM Apr 22, 2018
An engineer and a scientist with the same passion for arts, culture and philosophy. Nazri, is the engineer and I am the physicist (by training). He owns an indie-bookshop in KL and I am leading a think-tank in Ipoh. I (IDR) hosted him as one of the panelist in IDR-Sharpened Word monthly meet on Arts & Culture this weekend. I think this is where the world is heading... Arts and Science merging to create a more wholesome understanding and appreciation of life in general. . . . . @idrperak #knowledgesharing #artsandculture #mohngeteh #seminarandworkshop #ikigai #startswithwhy #leadbyexample #inspirechange #coloursoflife #challengingthenorm @tintabudi @thezhongshanbuilding #artsandscience @peopleideasculture

Institut Darul Ridzuan



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