Diana and Fergie having fun with umbrellas at Royal Ascot in 1987 🤣😻👍🏻



  • @princessdianakatemeghan 4:27 PM Dec 28, 2017

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  • @ceciliarod01 4:35 PM Dec 28, 2017

    Y Carlos la rezongaba horrible

  • @hannah_chai 7:14 PM Dec 28, 2017

    I love Diana she's such an important person in my life and did a lot of people's lives❤️❤️❤️

  • @lakelandmum 7:18 PM Dec 28, 2017

    @princessdianaandkate I remember this photo and always wondered who the poor lady was being besieged! Any info please?

  • @marijeni777 7:20 PM Dec 28, 2017

    @lakelandmum i would know too...

  • @psc.41 10:30 PM Dec 28, 2017

    Not how one should act, we’re very disrespectful. Not ladylike or royals.

  • @risomustajarvi 3:00 AM Dec 29, 2017

    Fun for them, but terrible for the one who is their target.

  • @squirrelsandacorns 12:01 PM Dec 30, 2017

    Boy they got in a bit of strife for this “fun act”. Not long after HRH PoW started to move away from the “red head”.

  • @martarico9270 3:08 PM Jan 1, 2018

    Asi se hace para sobrevivir la Vida real

  • @minidr70 3:01 AM Jan 2, 2018

    I remember it and I think Fergie was said to be the bad influence.

  • @springtimebabyrosebud 9:14 AM Jan 3, 2018

    I believe that lady was one of the royals relatives. Preety close one i bet. And that lady must also was a pro teaser to those 3 lady at her back too. Gee. Srsly people! I do that to to my bf too. Light fun.

  • @annika.c.ein 12:42 AM Jan 20, 2018

    So childish and these were two adult duchesses!? 🤔

  • @hisjoysw 3:47 AM Jan 23, 2018

    @annika.c.ein oh come on! Lighten up- they lived their lives in a goldfish bowl- with paparazzi following their every move. Nothing wrong with a bit of fun- I hope the lady who was the subject of their fun was able to laugh along with them. Life - and especially Diana!s - is all too short to live it too seriously!!!

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  • @lena.olaf.6331 4:02 PM Oct 26, 2018

    Et oui, nous pouvons être Duchesse d'York et Princesse de Galles et taquiner nos consoeurs du bout de nos pépins... Comme le plus des mortels.... Pas très protocolaire tout ça mais quelle bouffée d'air frais pour ces deux belles

  • @lena.olaf.6331 4:05 PM Oct 26, 2018

    Sœurs si proches !!! Quel bonheur de les revoir sur ces photographies.. j'étais trop jeune à cette époque. Mais grâce à vous qui les republiez, j'ai la chance de pouvoir les revoir et les apprécier enfin si vous en avez d'autres je suis là !!! 😍😻👏💝💞🙌😍