After my last ER visit I intentionally left my allergy alert bracelet on as a reminder of where I've been. I knew, even then, that there would eventually be a time when I would feel better and I needed to not just jump back into my crazy life. I use it now to remind myself that not only am I "allergic" to bacteria😷... but also to stress 🙄. So this serves as a reminder to build my life (and running) foundation back stronger. Today was step one. I ran for less than 10 seconds, which is the longest run I've done in 8 weeks... and it was glorious. From one field to the next as I coached my team. It was instinct, and I was tired even after that, but it was a start. Our managers saw me and even cheered. Love those kids.... 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏿❤️ #onedayatatime #bestjobintheworld #backtohealth #knowyourbody #hoshimotos #trust #run #runner #running #triathlete #runcoach #UARunCoach #IRunTons #IRunTonsUAPC



  • @maddisonrowles 12:57 AM Oct 7, 2017

    Yes! ❤️

  • @ajmontes25 1:01 AM Oct 7, 2017

    Yay Sandra! You’re coming back! I knew it the moment I saw you on Wednesday. You are shining again! Day by day, step by step the light will be brighter and brighter! #greattohaveyouback #lovemycoach #thecomebackisgoingtobeepic

  • @aly.whitmer 1:47 AM Oct 7, 2017

    Leading by example, as usual!

  • @iruntons 1:24 PM Oct 7, 2017

    @ajmontes25 it is nice to have a life force again.

  • @jeffersnicole 9:20 PM Oct 7, 2017


  • @jeffersnicole 9:21 PM Oct 7, 2017

    My body HATES to control it....