9th WAVE ( @9thwave.surf )

6:06 PM Aug 8, 2017
Imagine you’re off on your favorite getaway adventure. Are you soaking up the sun on a beach, white water rafting on a river, or swimming in a cold mountain lake? Perhaps you’re fishing or boating, camping, or hiking in a gorgeous location. After a long day of adventuring, you sink into a deep sleep. The next morning, you wake up in your quaint cottage, tent, or resort. You watch the incredible sunrise, and then jump into the nearby crystal-clear water to relax your tired muscles. After your swim, you reach for your super-soft YuccaTowl to dry off, and you smile as the soft and absorbent fabric caresses your skin. Whether you’re at the beach, at a luxurious resort, out in the wilderness, or traveling to exotic locations across the globe, your set of two YuccaTowls by 9th WAVE is with you every step of the way, letting you dry off in comfort after your exciting adventures! goo.gl/588n3k #9thWAVE #MyOutdoorLife #camping #hiking #swimming #travel #backing #pool #yoga #gym #beach #paddleboarding #surfing #losgatos #santacruz

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk



  • @revitalize.retreats 4:50 PM Aug 12, 2017

    Just sent you a DM💙

  • @chelli_pie 5:17 PM Aug 18, 2017

    Nice! Def a necessity!