••• I hope you find someone who knows how rare it is to find someone like you - r.h. sin •••
Sooooo I deal with relationships every single day- in shooting engagements and proposals, helping my couples plan their weddings, shooting couples boudoir sessions and speaking with my boudoir clients about their relationships and how self confidence plays into theirs. Some days (most days)- it's not easy to be single and do all this. I recently deleted all of my dating apps because I've decided that it's not worth having the same, somewhat vapid and boring conversation over and over again with people whom I will never actually meet, or who are not actually interested and are just looking for a hook up. Statistically, 40% of couples getting married NOW, met online. Forty. Percent. In reality- I think I'm too much of a dichotomy for dating apps. My love of the outdoors and adventures doesn't seem to pair with the lipstick I love and my bomb lash extensions, my hustle vibes don't mesh with the ski bum dreams of Tahoe.⁣
But what I do love, more than anything... My couples that have met their ONE and are down for any type of adventures, that love each other hard, laugh with and at one another... and let me live vicariously through their amazingness- and show me daily what I'm reallllllyyyy looking for.

Black Rock City