Transformation Tuesday

Weight loss isn’t the only difference between these two pictures.
The girl on the left:
Counted calories.
Hated herself every time she overate.
Went to he gym for a couple days, then not again for a couple months.
Constantly compared herself to others.
Always tried new ways to get motivated, but could never commit.
The woman on the right:
Mindfully eats and has treats in moderation.
Works out every morning from the comfort of her own home.
Can now appreciate what others have instead of only comparing herself.
Found a sustainable lifestyle to stick to for the past YEAR.
This opportunity has transformed my mindset, my priorities and my everyday life. Curious what FINALLY worked for me? Send a message to find out and see how you can make your own change!

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  • @jacob.reel 15 August, 2019

    omg a serve

  • @gayle_hily 14 August, 2019

    Wow!! You look awesome! That is so great! Glad to see you are doing well!

  • @erinruscel 14 August, 2019

    I love this!!! Amazing

  • @joy_forever88 14 August, 2019

    I am so proud of you. Can you get me in shape before the wedding

  • @bkleff21 14 August, 2019

    this is dope. good work.

  • @elizabethalongi 14 August, 2019

    Omg you look awesome!!! 😍

  • @hihelloitsemily 14 August, 2019

    Still waiting on my wedding invite 👰🏼🤵🏻

  • @m.elizabeth76 14 August, 2019

    Hot damn, @katiethorson_ ! You look... INCREDIBLE. So, so happy for you and proud of you.

  • @mrs_york22 13 August, 2019

    KATIE! Wow you look just absolutely incredible and i know you feel even better!! You should be SO proud of yourself, I’m so proud as your cousin!! Keep kicking ass and i can’t wait to see you in October! 💓

  • @simplyfitpaige 13 August, 2019

    This is SO incredible!

  • @mhlfit 13 August, 2019

    ❤️❤️Great job. When did you start your fitness goals?

  • @aubirn 13 August, 2019

    Ahhhhh!!! Katie!!!!!😍😍😍 OMG I’m so proud of you! You look freaking Amazing!! Yasssss! Cut THE fuck up!