Market update based on daily inside bar price action #FXAgencyAdvisor2 #Priceaction #Insidebars



  • @ap_aka_apeezy 4:01 PM Jul 7, 2015

    @hillsey_london Well played!

  • @hillsey_london 4:06 PM Jul 7, 2015

    @ap_aka_apeezy not on all these unfortunately. Hope you got some good pips today.

  • @ap_aka_apeezy 4:08 PM Jul 7, 2015

    @hillsey_london looks like the tides are changing in oil. It made a 3 month low and has retraced above the open price. If it stays above today's open, do you think there will be more upward momentum? Considering the current climate seems hard to imagine, but possible. And yeah i did ok today, a bit more cautious than normal as I made losses yesterday, but overall good day :)

  • @hillsey_london 4:16 PM Jul 7, 2015

    @ap_aka_apeezy I took my Oil profits and stepping aside for now. Banks ramping this up plus profit taking could be the reason for the large bounce. Buyers looking for cheap oil was just a matter of time, but I'll wait.

  • @ap_aka_apeezy 4:22 PM Jul 7, 2015

    @hillsey_london fair enough, sometimes the best thing. I didn't expect the gbp to fall so much today. Anything significant, or is it just because of a stronger dollar?

  • @hillsey_london 4:28 PM Jul 7, 2015

    @ap_aka_apeezy I've been waiting for the fall and still looking for 1.52945 for a possible bounce.

  • @king_k_trading 7:27 PM Jul 7, 2015

    Been short on cable since 1.58485 😜💵 still got a few thousand pips to go id say 1.52500 would close the turning point gap. @hillsey_london do you trade stocks mate?

  • @hillsey_london 7:35 PM Jul 7, 2015

    @gttrader nice mate. I got in at 1.58391 so 1.525 would be a nice pay day. Not for a while mate.